As the weather was a bit gloomy and chilly and we could not enjoy the beach, we asked around what else we could do of our time in Tulum. 
As we already visited the Cenotes, the Ruinas, The markets ... a waiter from our favourite breakfast place, The real Coconut, advised us to take the car and head to Punta Allen  and drive trough the Sian Kan biosphere. 

At first, it sounded like such a good idea, as he told us it was only 45 min drive or a bit more as the road was bumpy and it was a bit raining but he insured us it won't take long and that when we will arrive at Punta Allen we will see dolphin in their natural habitat.

It really sounded like a good idea ....

Shop my Eugenia Kim hat X

After a 30 minutes bumpy ride we stopped by that amazing house to take some outfits shots and enjoy the view.

Trust me when I started seeing those signs I got a little bit scared ...

Crocodiles whaaaaaaatttttttttt?????????

After 3 hours of driving under the rain and as the road became like a very deep swimming pool of mud we got a bit cold turkey and decided to drive back to Tulum! 

To resume our road trip, we drove all day, 6 hours in total, the road was more than bumpy we almost drown the car into the swimming pool of mud around 30 times, 6 hours of karaoke, a not so great lunch in the middle of nowhere ( there is like no life around there, just random hostel every 30 km) , the worst pain in my back for 3 days after this but I have to admit we had so much fun!

If you want to go to Punta Allen, just stop by the boat ride at the beginning of the Biosphera it will be quicker, safer and you won't waist your time like we did ...

My boyfriend happy to be still alive!

When we got back from our crazy road trip we stopped by Tulum beach to enjoy the sunset and some mango smoothies.

I am wearing a Juliet Dunn playsuit.

Paradise on earth.

During my trip I met Tati Perkins the girl behind Burun Bunny blog, she knows everything about Tulum and was the best guide we could ever wish for.

Posada Margherita is a boutique hotel and the best italian restaurant of Tulum.

Best deco ever at Posada Margherita! Need to do the same in my house in France!

There is no word to describe those pastas, the best I ever had outside of Italy.

I am wearing a Juliet Dunn coat and a Chanel bag.

Oh yes, life is so much better at the beach!

Looking at the sunset is one of the simplest thing in life but I never have enough of those.

Dress by Juliet Dunn.

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