Goossens is part of Chanel’s Metiers d’arts group since 2005 however the brand exists since 1950. 
Robert Goossens a brilliant craftsman, son of the owner of a foundry decided to launch his own goldsmith’s workshop. 

His creativity and his knowledge of the techniques marked the world of the couture jewellery.
Coco Chanel found him in 1953, together they created Byzantine style and Bohemian pieces. The look haven’t changed since then, the pieces are bold, earthy, combining metal with semiprecious stones.

The Goossens house and Coco have created together iconic pieces such as the Lion, Coco’s favourite animal and her astrologic sign , that you can still find in their store. Goossens has also worked closely with Peter Marino to decorate the Chanel Boutiques, next time you are going to a Chanel store have a look up and you will see the spectacular chandeliers.

Goossens is well known for working side by side with Chanel but they have also designed pieces for Christian Lacroix, Ysl, Cristobal Balenciaga, Mugler and Givenchy.

Last week I had the chance to take part in a workshop with Goossens and Farfetch, where I could make my own piece of jewellery.

We were welcomed by Patrick Goossens, the son of Robert Goossens. He told us the whole story about the brand and some very funny anecdotes about his childhood as an apprentice goldsmith.

Patrick asked us to choose of favorites stones among the cabochons of quartz, peridot, amethyst or agate spread like sweets! 

I wanted to make a statement piece and went for a huge black marble ring. Making my very own piece with a member a the Goossens family made me feel like Coco for a minute. Such an incredible experience.

Thank you Farfetch and Goossens for having me.

You can shop Goossens now on Farfetch.

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