You might have heard about the big news on Instagram, yes I am getting married to the love of my life! 

I was one of those girls who always said that I was not interested in marriage and as long as you are in Love, that all it matters but I changed my mind when my now fiance proposed to me and I just said: YES! without thinking twice.

Our story is an almost 10 years old story... I met Elie back in 2009 when I was on a week end off to Barcelona with my best friend. I was 18, all I wanted was to meet fun people and have a lot of fun!
We were in the street of Barcelona going from club to club when we ran into a group of 10 party boys, don't remember how we started talking to each other but we ended up partying all night in a club, we got lost and he disappeared!

Luckily, Elie gave me his facebook earlier that night, so I added him when I got back home, we did not even exchange messages, nothing. 
I remember him saying he was living in London so when I went to London a few months later I sent him a Facebook message as I did not know people there and wanted to party, so we had dinner with a group of his friends, a party and we started dating for a few months and we lost contact for nearly 8 years!

No contact, no news, I was in a serious relation ship which ended in 2016, he was divorcing and just had a daughter ( the cutest little girl I've ever seen!). 

Long story short, we met again for our "first proper date" in 10 years and never left each other, we moved together in Paris, and I've never been so happy in my whole life.

It feels like we are made for each other, like an evidence that we were maybe too crazy and unstable to realise back then, but we had both our lives, we tried and failed with other persons and call it destiny or whatever, but the day we ran into each other I knew he was the one, the good one!

(This picture was taken 9 years ago!)

After almost a year, we had a Bar-mitzvah in London in June, an amazing party with some of his best friends, we had such great night and we ran back into the hotel, I was so hungry I ordered a burger and start putting my favourite songs from Dalida ( the best singer ever!), and while I was eating it in an very unattractive way, that is when he asked me!

At first I was surprised and never imagined a proposal like this but I just said: YES YES YES! 
It was so spontaneous, genuine and real that all my false ideas about marriage disappeared and realised I wanted to be his wife for the rest of my life.

We just started talking about the actual wedding a few weeks ago, which country? when? how? And we decided to celebrate our union in Paris around October!

So for the ones who are getting married, or already tied the knot do not hesitate to share some tips!!

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