I know it's already Christmas and I'm writing my birthday holiday post ... I had so many things happening since I moved to Paris that I did not have the time to seat and write my articles, so sorry about that.

I wanted to share with you my experience at the Cas Gasi hotel in Ibiza, a boho chic luxury boutique hotel in the Ibiza's countryside, it is a actually a former farmhouse.

We all know Ibiza as a party lover place but trust me, Cas Gasi will make you forget that cliche. 

Sunbathe by the pool and enjoy that view ...

The garden are spacious which makes that hotel a very intimate place, you can read, chat, nap wherever you like without being disturbed by the other guests.

I also met the most amazing dog called Viz, I just wanted to bring it back with me but my boyfriend said: NO WAY!

The decoration is just amazing I had to take pictures to get inspired for my new house in Paris.

I am wearing a Juliett Dunn dress, shop here

We also went a a friend's wedding, not far from our hotel where we danced until the sunrise! Had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures.

The food, at Cas Gasi, is all organic and the vegetable are actually from the a vegetable patch in the hotel.
They also produce olive oil and wine that you can enjoy during lunch and dinner at the hotel.

You can even ask the chef to prepare you a detox menu with the vegetable grown at Cas Gasi.

We loved this hotel so much that we are planning to go again before the season starts, around April.

I highly recommend you to visit that place if you, like me, in search of peace and tranquillity.

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