For our last day we decided to book a night at Azulik, a Eco resort which means no electricity, no phones, no TV and of course NO WIFI!!!  ( you get used to it!)

This amazing hotel offers 15 tree house cabins above the Tulum jungle, it is very a very intimate hotel and the ultimate destress place.

This is the perfect place to stay if you need a break from the real world, at first it was difficult not to have electricity, hot water and light but after an hour I got used to it.

Around 4pm I went for a nap, I could hear the sounds of the waves and the wind ruffling my face, I woke up 2 hours later and realised I have not been that relaxed for years.

I was so happy and chilled that I did not want to leave that bed,that when my boyfriend told me it was time for dinner and I should get ready, I told him to skip it and just have good night sleep. 

Being in a tree with no noise but the sounds of the nature and being woken up by the birds singing is paradise on earth.

We woke up like this!

Wearing my Pitusa poncho and espadrilles, shop X

Looking at the sunset from our swinging bed, can life get any better?

We are already planning to go back to Tulum around November and will definitely go to Azulik again and book more than one night.

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