pics: Timur Emek, getty

jumper/ pull- Pretty Little Thing ( shop X )
shirt worn as skirt/ chemise portee en jupe- Pretty Little thing ( shop X)
boots- Mango ( shop X)
bag/sac- Fendi ( shop X-X)
cap/casquette- Zara Men

My biggest inspiration is definitely the punk era, I've always been obsessed with vinyl trousers, check print, chains, tattoos, studs and leather, a lot of leather! 
I do not know where this come from but aged 6 I wanted to dress like Gwen Stefani or Slash and have loads of piercing and tattoos. Of course, my mum never agreed with all that but let's say it did not stop me to start getting inked and pierced at a really young age. I was experimenting the craziest styles but on the other side I was a very shy and quiet girl, I think I just expressed more of my personality trough my clothes.
Someone once told me, I may have been a punk or a biker or both in a previous life and I kind of totally believe this eventuality.

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